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Bay construction

Made to serve - made to last

Design and Build Capability

Drainage and waste water capture is vital.

This involves carefully integrating the angle of fall

of each side of the bay to efficiently collect the water

and contaminants that are present on the vehicle

and directing them them to a compliant filtration

system to prevent water course pollution.

Creating this angle with a concrete finish is a skill

particularly held dear by the AKN Team -

Some call it "concrete envy" we call is "Quality".

AKN's Target average for completion of

a bay is 10 days (dependant on weather!!

and ground conditions).


The finish

Using the correct fall and the correct finish gives
both an attractive professional look and ensures the environmental capability of the site to deal with the
waste created.

Jet wash projects: Projects

AKN Build Small Works Team Jet Wash Projects

Since lockdown there has been a big increase in demand for commercial valeting - Clients are cashing in.

Jet wash projects: Projects

Refresh of a retail commercial jet wash

A lot is said about the environmental impacts of car washing.

Surface run-off from washing areas can contain high levels of pollutants such as:

  • detergents

  • oil and fuel

  • suspended solids

  • grease

  • antifreeze.

With in built interceptors and drainage an AKN Build small works team will construct you a new wash area complaint with all current (EU) and now Brexit interim regulations.

Jet wash benefits

Helps Minimise Scratches !!

You spend £1000's on your pride and joy and then over time you see those swirling scratches in the paint...

Scratches are very possible during the hand-washing process. Dirt and grit picked up during a wash can stick to towels and cause scratches. There are methods to help prevent this, but it is still a common problem.

High-pressure car cleaning avoids direct contact with the paint, therefore reducing the potential for scratches. Dirt is instantly washed away when hit with water rather than sticking to a washing towel.

Jet wash projects: Pro Gallery
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